Donate your old Wig

donate your old wig

Hair is an integral part of a woman’s body. Human Hair wigs are expensive and many women cannot afford the medical bills; let alone a wig. Hair To Help appeals to women who no longer need a wig and wish to give their wig to another woman currently undergoing treatment. This is just one more way to contribute in the fight against cancer. More importantly, the woman would know that her wig was being used by someone who really needs it.

Our goal at Hair to Help is to make every woman feel good throughout the treatment process.

When donating old used wigs for hairloss patients, contact us. If you have a wig and are interested in donating, following a few basic steps can ensure that both you and the recipient of your wig benefit from your donation.


1) Make sure that the wig is of a suitable quality for wig donation, since, as any donated items, wigs should be lightly used and should not be damaged. Make sure that the hair has been well cared for and that there is no wear and tear from styling or storage before you begin the process of wig donation.

2) Make a package with the wig and include whatever accessories came with your wig, including tools for styling and storage, to ensure that the recipient can properly care for the wig as well.